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Submit your nomination for Autodesk Imagine Awards 2023, we would love to see how you are leveraging Autodesk technology to drive innovation and create an impact across your respective industries.

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Rules & Regulations – FAQ

Any business that uses Autodesk technologies and has project execution timelines that fall between 1st April'21 - 1st April '24 are eligible for nominations.

The deadline for submitting the nominations is 23rd June 2024.

We are inviting multiple entries per firm per category.

Finalists will be announced on the contest site in late August 2024.

Trophy, media coverage and Autodesk merchandize.

There is a two-step process involved in selecting the winners. The nominations are shortlisted internally by Autodesk subject matter experts. Based on the shortlist, an external jury will evaluate the submissions and deliver the final judgement.

Please reach out to us at or 9599241292

For each project entry, you must provide a project overview and a description of your project with Timelines within the last two year.

You will also need to complete the essay questions. To enhance your submission, include measurable, quantifiable data and results in your answers and provide specific examples of how the Autodesk software(s) were used.

  • a. Project timelines
  • b. Description of project (please include as much detail as possible including project size, complexity, unique features, etc.)
  • c. Use of Autodesk technology to help solve challenges (Describe the workflow and provide specific examples for each of the Autodesk products used. To enhance your submission, include quantifiable results in your answers.)

The criteria for evaluation are explained industry wise below:

A. Architecture, Engineering, and Construction: Nominations received under AEC industry will be judged on parameters like:

  • 1. Project complexity
  • 2. Use of Autodesk technology
  • 3. Sustainability and impact use of models to visually communicate on projects
  • 4. Collaborate with stakeholders on any stage of the project
  • 5. Use of emerging technology and innovative processes, i.e., utilization of geospatial data in design, plus use of generative design, AR/VR etc.

  • 1. Multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • 2. Use of Autodesk technology
  • 3. Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA)
  • 4. Generative design, prefabrication, AR/VR.
  • 5. Benefits of model-based workflows
  • 6. Use of integrated and emerging technology
  • 7. Innovative processes i.e. automation, robotics, AI and machine learning, sensors, IoT, AR/VR

  • 1. Creative Excellence
  • 2. Use of Autodesk technology
  • 3. Multidisciplinary collaboration between industry softwares

  • 1. Project-based learning outcomes
  • 2. Complementing the curriculum with adoption of Autodesk Fusion
  • 3. Fostering innovation and creativity with Design and Make education
  • 4. Reimagining new classroom and program models
  • 5. Collaborating with a multi-disciplinary approach
  • 6. Manufacturability and scalability
  • 7. Overall sustainability and impact of innovation (both environmental and social)
  • 8. Generative design, additive, or subtractive manufacturing
  • 9. Use of integrated and emerging technology
  • 10. Enabling students to land their dream jobs and internships through strong industry relevance and connection

*Your submission should demonstrate impact across all three themes below.

  • Classroom Innovation
    • a. Have you embraced new ways of teaching as a result of integrating Autodesk Fusion into your curriculum? Has the use of free, cloud-based technology changed the way you connect your students to learning design and make principles, project collaboration, and outcome-based design?
    • b. Tell us how your classroom has evolved or transformed through bringing Autodesk technology into your curriculum. Be sure to share the courses you teach and how many students you’ve been able to impact with your new program approach.
  • Student Competitions
    • a. Do you coach, mentor, or manage a student team who uses Autodesk solutions to design, make, and compete? Competitions are an important forum for fostering innovation, creativity, and collaboration to solve real-world problems through ingenious use of new-age technology.
    • b. Tell us about your student team, what Autodesk solutions they use, and most importantly, what they’ve designed, and/or made, and if they’ve won because of their innovations.
  • Industry Connector
    • a. In today’s economic climate, industries are advancing fast, and need a supply chain of skilled and talented workforce to support.
    • b. Tell us how you’ve connected students with employers through internships, shadow programs, and/or interview opportunities to apply what they’ve learned in your classroom. Be sure to share relevant coursework, to job titles, and success stories of your students.